About Us

MOB Tree Service serves our customers for every aspect of the tree care life cycle. From planting the right foliage for your climate and space, to pruning limbs that may become hazardous, to emergency care in the case of a fallen branch or damaged bark, we are here to build a relationship with you and turn your outdoor space into the haven you’ve always dreamed of. 


Tree service is an essential aspect of home care. Keeping your trees trimmed allows optimal growth patterns for the arboreal variety growing in your yard, while tree removal is sometimes necessary due to rot or a cracked trunk. At times it is possible to save a tree through bracing and cabling, but if a tree does need to be removed, stump grinding allows for a renewed green space and fresh appearance to your yard.

Ongoing tree removal for emergency services
Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting
Ongoing tree removal for land clearing
Worker removing a tree for stump grinding

As local arborists, we’re especially familiar with tree care Mobile Alabama residents require given the specific growth zone we all reside in. Not only that, but our professionals are certified and our business is licensed and insured, so you know your trees will be treated with the utmost care and skill. We know when a branch must be trimmed and where to cut a limb, and when a tree cannot be salvaged. We bring the latest technological implements– from cranes to stump grinders– to your property so that we can get the work done in our agreed upon time frames and you can return to your routine. 


If you’re searching for budget friendly tree service professionals in Mobile, Alabama, you’re in luck. We are up front in our quotes ahead of time and make sure our clients understand the process behind the work that we will be doing. We know that serving our customers is a privilege and we want to be your go-to tree service company for many years to come. 


Do you want your outdoor space to have that special touch that lets people know your home is well cared for? We can help! Here are the services we offer to our clients in Mobile and surrounding areas: 

Trimming and Pruning

Lot Clearing

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

Emergency Service

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Proper care can manage your overgrown trees and enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to build on your property, lot clearing makes space for new structures. Emergency tree service can preserve your roof or garage structure before the branches fall. If you have a service in mind that’s not listed here, give us a call and let’s solve your problem together! 

Why MOB Tree Service? 

At MOB Tree Service, we love trees! We know they spruce up your outdoor area and become home to wildlife of all kinds. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and our experienced and certified arborists bring fantastic results to your green space.

We serve the following communities:


Mobile, AL 
Theodore, AL 
Daphne, AL 
Fairhope, AL
Spanish Fort, AL


Call us today and let’s work together to take your outdoor space to the next level. 

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