What is a certified arborist?

A certified arborist has received a certification from the International Society of Arboriculture. This educational process ensures that your arborist is exceptionally knowledgeable about tree growth and maintenance, as well as varieties, growing conditions, and tree service technologies. All the arborists at MOB Tree Service are certified, so you will know your trees are in good hands with our experts. 

When is tree removal necessary?
Tree removal is often the last result when it comes to care of your green spaces. At times, tree service such as limb removal, cabling, and bracing can solve the problem with your tree. At other times, the tree must be cut down due to infection, infestation, rot, or other issues. These problems can create a hazard that can injure neighbors and pets, and can leave homeowners liable for property damages if not treated in a timely manner. Sometimes crowding or root issues may also indicate that the tree needs to be taken down.

We will utilize state of the art removal techniques if needed to take down your tree(s) in the safest way possible. 
Can I prune my trees myself?

It is never a good idea for amateurs to take on tree pruning. Our experts have years of experience and training to provide exceptional service that won’t damage your trees or create a hazardous situation. Tree trimming requires knowledge such as where to place a cut based on growth patterns within the tree. Improperly pruned trees may require additional care that can sacrifice healthy limbs due to incorrect cuts. Additionally, do-it-yourself trimming can create injury or even loss of life, so please consult the experts when you need a trim job. 

Why do trees need pruning?

Tree trimming can extend the life of your tree, keeping branches from breaking and falling. Pruning also keeps your tree in the shape best suited for its variety, and provides thinning when necessary to allow sunlight through the branches. Additionally, tree trimming can keep branches from growing into your chimney or roof, which produce more damage along the way. 

Do you offer emergency tree service?

There are times when a tree threatens to harm property or people, and tree service is needed immediately. MOB Tree Service offers emergency tree service. Whether wind, ice, or rain have caused the problem, we are here so please contact us for tree service in all emergencies. 

Is my Tree Going to Fall?

Unfortunately, the only way to determine if a tree has reached the end of its life and is going to fall is for an arborist to do an assessment on the property. Reach out to MOB Tree Service and we will come to your space to determine the next steps for your particular trees. Perhaps cabling and bracing can help, or pruning, or it may be time for your tree to be removed. We just won’t know until we come take a look, so call us and we’ll help you out! 

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