Stump Removal Mobile AL

If your yard contains leftover tree stumps, you may find these eye sores take up valuable space that could be brightened up with sod or flowers. After all, you want your yard to look pleasant and inviting to the neighborhood, and tree stumps can interrupt the appearance you are trying to create.


Not only that, but tree stumps can be hazardous to lawn mowers and can create a tripping hazard during pickup sports games in the yard.

Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting
Ongoing stump removal using a backhoe to dig
Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting
Land clearing using a backhoe to dig up tree stumps

Stump Removal Mobile Residents Trust

MOB Tree Service can bring a stump grinder to your property to chew away at the existing stump using rotating blades that turn the stump into mulch. This mulch can then be used as a ground cover or around a garden area. Once our tree service pulls the stump apart to below ground level, homeowners can apply sod to produce a seamless lawn. Presto– you’ve got your yard back!

Stump Grinding Mobile Homeowners Choose to Enhance Outdoor Areas

Tree removal is the first challenge when it comes to beautifying the yard. Although trees can provide excellent shade, over time these flora can become rotted or diseased. When this happens, a tree service company can help Mobile, Alabama residents remove the sick tree. But utilizing a stump grinder is the next step to return your yard to the delightful space you want to enjoy. With the simple addition of topsoil, you’ll begin a whole new chapter in your home exterior. 

Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting
Ongoing stump removal using a backhoe to dig in Mobile AL
Ongoing tree removal for emergency services
Worker cutting a tree for stump removal
Ongoing stump removal using a backhoe to dig
Arborist using a chainsaw for ongoing stump removal

Tree Service for Business Owners

Mobile, AL business owners can also benefit from hiring a stump removal company. After all, tree stumps do not showcase clean lines for your business exterior. Additionally, consider the benefits of utilizing a stump grinder instead of stump removal. In the second case, your green space may be torn up by tree root removal, and the stump removal process may cost additional time and money. 

Plant new trees in your yard after stump removal, but please be sure the new trees are at least five feet away from the removed stump. This will ensure that your new tree is free to grow.

Stump Grinding is Cost Effective and Aesthetically Pleasing

There are ways to maximize curb appeal while spending money wisely. Adding value to your outdoor area doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, because MOB Tree Service offers cost effective stump grinder services with results that will impress and leave your yard looking fresh and new. 

A rotting stump can advance the tree stump decay process, but it still takes a long time for the stump to fully break down after tree removal. Stump grinding provides the clean look to your yard that is the envy of neighbors and family members at a price that fits your budget. Shrubs or grass can fill in the area once the stump has been removed. 

Bring your yard up to date with state of the art stump grinding equipment operated by the experts. 


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