Tree Removal Mobile AL

Outdoor spaces are enriched by the presence of healthy, thriving trees– from saplings to shade providers, these organic flora add beauty and value to every home and business. However, there are times when trees become dead or diseased and have reached the end of their life cycle. When this happens, you may find yourself seeking a tree removal company.

At MOB Tree Service, we evaluate the state of your tree to help you understand what will be involved in taking the tree away. After all, trees can reach staggering heights, and tree removal can be a daunting and oftentimes dangerous process without the correct knowhow and equipment. Mobile, AL residents can trust our effective and state of the art tree service methods to take down your tree or trees in the most affordable and responsible manner. 

Worker removing a tree for stump grinding
Ongoing tree removal for emergency services
Ongoing tree crushing after trees are removed in Evansville In
Ongoing stump removal using a backhoe to dig in Mobile AL

Tree Cutting by Professionals in Mobile, Alabama

Storms and high winds can wreak havoc on the life of a tree– particularly older trees or trees that have encountered disease or destructive insects. If your tree is not as strong as it once was, you may want to reach out to our experts to determine if you need a limb trim or if your tree needs to be removed. Tree cutting is one of the many jobs we perform as a tree removal service. A broken branch can fall, harming neighbors or pets, and creating hazardous conditions in your yard.

Mobile, AL residents know that decaying tree matter can increase the risk of fire on your property, which can cost a lot of money and create dangerous conditions. When it comes to tree removal, you’re best off reaching out to a team of trained professionals who have years of experience working with all sorts of trees to provide a safe removal solution for your outdoor space. 

MOB Tree Service can provide exceptional customer service and optimal strategies for your tree service needs. Reach out to discuss your particular situation and let us put your mind at ease. 

What to Do About Damaged Trees in Mobile, AL

As trees grow older, some begin to hollow out, creating structural issues that don’t stand up to wind gusts and blowing rain. Additionally, some trees suffer from insect infestations that break down trees. If your tree has wood borers or bark beetles, you may want to reach out to use to determine if there is a way to restore your tree to health or whether it is time to make a change and remove these trees before the insects spread. A sick tree may break down and damage property and persons, so it’s best to address issues as they arise. 


If your tree has died, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove the in order to keep the area safe and prevent anyone from being hurt by falling limbs. But it is very important that you not address any tree issues yourself. This is dangerous work and our experts utilize special equipment, including a bucket truck, crane, and whole tree wood chippers to remove the tree and turn it into mulch. A person with a chainsaw is not the best approach to tree removal.


That’s why we provide a free estimate for your job to let you know what the work will entail and how we foresee the work proceeding. Let us inspect your property and make a plan together to provide tree service for you. 

Ongoing tree removal for emergency services
Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting
A tree cutting using a crane in Mobile AL
Ongoing tree crushing after trees are removed
Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting
Ongoing tree crushing after trees are removed in Evansville In

Expert Stump Removal Mobile Residents Trust

If you’ve had a tree removed, you may be left with an unsightly stump in your yard. MOB Tree Service provides professional stump grinding services which removes the stump and allows your landscape to be revitalized with top soil,a flower box, or even a small garden area. Best of all, mowing your grass will become a simpler and more manageable job without obnoxious stump interrupting your lawn. Mobile, Alabama homeowners can once again enjoy a game of catch or pick up football in your yard without needing to avoid large tripping hazards that interrupt the space. 

Selecting a Tree Removal Service

If you need a tree or stump removed, reach out to MOB Tree Service. With years of experience and up to date training and equipment, you’ll be pleased with our unmatched service and professionalism. We take the stress out of the tree removal process and connect with our clients along the way to provide reassurance and meet agreed upon budgets and timeframes. 


Call us today and we’ll discuss your job and get started as soon as possible.  

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