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A certified tree company is a must have resource when it comes to beautifying your land or green space area. Growing plants can produce a soothing atmosphere and bring delightful birds to your space, but trees growing without proper maintenance can eventually wreak havoc on your property. A certified tree company hires arborists who have been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. This voluntary certification indicates commitment to best practices of tree management as well as ongoing education for each arborist. 

MOB Tree Service is committed to offering certified tree services in Mobile, Alabama, letting all our customers know we offer effective, safe tree service on every job we complete. Rest assured that by selecting our company, your green space is in our specially trained hands. 

Arborist setting up tree cables in Evansville IN
Arborist using a chainsaw for ongoing stump removal
Arborist using tree crusher for the removed trees in Mobile AL
Worker cutting a tree for stump removal

Seeking Arborist Service Mobile

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your trees pruned, be aware of the potential for falling branches or unsightly growth patterns. Certified tree services can help your trees grow in attractive and healthy ways and can help prevent damage down the line.


With competitive pricing and a range of services to choose from, MOB Tree Service is your Mobile, Alabama solution to all green space needs. Arborists can thin out your trees to provide more sunshine or brace weak branch unions to make sure a tree doesn’t topple. We see low hanging branches that may become a threat to your vehicle or garden and step in to prune away damaged limbs that could become hazardous. In short, we bring confidence to our customers and help them care for their yard for years to come.


Contact MOB Tree Service to obtain an estimate and get your tree situated for when the next storm comes.  

Offering Tree Service Mobile Residents Trust

MOB Tree Service can help you plan your green space and recommend best practices for tree trimming and stump removal. We believe our customers deserve the best certified tree services which is why every one of our arborists is certified. 


We are proud to connect with our neighbors and provide these services and more: 

Arborist setting up tree cables in Evansville IN

Tree Planting

Insect infestation and fungus growth can compromise the health of your trees. Trees planted too close to structures can bring root growth which may damage sidewalks and foundations. Unpruned tree branches can fall and damage gutters and shingles– perhaps even harming pets or neighbors. 


The benefits of a well kept yard are endless, but the hassles created when a yard is not properly cared for are also great. Thankfully, MOB Tree Service is a certified tree company in your neighborhood who can step up to the plate and help curate a healthy outdoor environment that enhances your curb appeal and saves you money down the road. 


If you have any questions about what a certified tree company can do for you in Mobile, AL, please reach out to MOB Tree Service today to discuss the possibilities we can offer. Whether you’re building a new property or clearing a lot on an older space, know that our arborists are dedicated to customer satisfaction and exceptional care for your yard. We look forward to working with you. 


Call us today and we’ll discuss your job and get started as soon as possible.  

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