24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

Strong winds and stormy conditions can wreak havoc on your yard, creating conditions that can be dangerous for people and property. Sometimes the unforeseen happens and tree branches or trees themselves can threaten to crash down on your roof or garage area. Despite precautions, it’s possible you may require tree service without a lot of notice. 

That’s why MOB Tree Service is available on an on-call basis to perform tree service in an emergency. We recognize the value you place on your home and we want to help you salvage your property in the midst of destructive hail or windstorms. Whether you’ve been hit by a tornado or hurricane force winds, we’ll perform a storm damage assessment to help address any issues that have arisen as a result of inclement weather. 

We work urgently to meet the challenges caused by falling trees and hanging branches, but we still retain our professional and safety-approach to all tree service jobs. If a limb falls on a power cable, we are prepared with the latest equipment to manage the issue and we urge homeowners to reach out to us rather than attempting to solve the problem themselves, as it is dangerous for untrained individuals to engage with live electrical cables. 

A tree fall down after a storm damage
Ongoing tree removal for emergency services
Ongoing tree bracing and cabling in Mobile AL
Fallen tree after a storm in Mobile AL

Emergency Tree Removal Mobile Residents Rely On

Storms and high winds can wreak havoc on the life of a tree– particularly older trees or trees that have encountered disease or destructive insects. If your tree is not as strong as it once was, you may want to reach out to our experts to determine if you need a limb trim or if your tree needs to be removed. Tree cutting is one of the many jobs we perform as a tree removal service. A broken branch can fall, harming neighbors or pets, and creating hazardous conditions in your yard.

It can be stressful to know that one of your tree’s branches has fallen onto your property or power line. The threat of a crushed roof or downed power lines can bring fear. But our experts provide tree removal with state of the art equipment and years of experience, so you know you can rely on our professionals to address the problem and set things right. In case of freezing rain or extreme wind gusts, we’ll suspend our regularly scheduled jobs in order to complete your emergency work. Call MOB Tree Service for tree removal in Mobile, Alabama. 

We offer affordable tree service to our neighbors in Mobile, AL and that includes emergency service, storm damage prevention, and storm damage assessment. Being aware of the trees in your yard can help you plan for the future and know who to call when something goes wrong. 


Contact MOB Tree Service to obtain an estimate and get your tree situated for when the next storm comes.  

Tree Service Before and After the Emergency

Proper upkeep and storm damage prevention is a proactive step that home and business owners can take to keep the worst from happening in case of an unexpected storm. Tree service on hollowed out trunks and limbs can mean your trees are strong and resilient when the big storm comes. A free estimate can point out any areas of concern and bring you peace of mind, knowing that your Mobile, AL home is prepared for hurricane season. 

If your tree has died, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove the in order to keep the area safe and prevent anyone from being hurt by falling limbs. But it is very important that you not address any tree issues yourself. This is dangerous work and our experts utilize special equipment, including a bucket truck, crane, and whole tree wood chippers to remove the tree and turn it into mulch. A person with a chainsaw is not the best approach to tree removal.

That’s why we provide a free estimate for your job to let you know what the work will entail and how we foresee the work proceeding. Let us inspect your property and make a plan together to provide tree service for you.  


Call us today and we’ll discuss your job and get started as soon as possible.  

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