Lot Clearing Mobile

Your outdoor space can beautify the neighborhood and provide an engaging connection with the world around you. However, invasive plants can take over your yard and begin to choke out native growth. Additionally, a yard that has not been maintained may see a buildup of weeds and grasses that can be a burden to tackle. That’s why MOB Tree Service offers brush and tree clearing along with debris hauling to turn your property into an enviable site. 

Ongoing tree removal in a residential area
Ongoing tree removal for land clearing


Contact MOB Tree Service to obtain an estimate and get your tree situated for when the next storm comes.  

Land Clearing Mobile Residents Need

In addition to tree service, we are happy to provide our clients with stump removal, backhoe service, and lot clearing service. But what is involved in clearing a Mobile, Alabama yard? 

If your lot contains large trees that have been growing for a long time, you may find the idea of removing them to be an onerous task. After all, such trees have grown for many years and have deep roots. Our experts bring best practices and years of experience along with technological solutions to select the most appropriate trees for removal and clearing. If you’re hoping to build on your lot, you’ll need site preparation which can mean leveled ground in addition to selectively removed trees.

Crane clamp lifting a removed tree
Land clearing using a backhoe to dig up tree stumps

Brush Clearing

Your land may contain small shrubs and undergrowth– both native and invasive– that occupy space and take away valuable land that could be transformed into a lawn, a rock garden, or other attractive space. Our job is to remove this brush without adding harmful chemicals or fire to your space, and this requires specialized equipment. While brush clearing can seem like a do-it-yourself task, bringing in the experts keeps your soil quality high while our professional work brings a satisfactory end result. 

Debris Hauling

Sometimes a property has physical trash such as broken down building materials, old tires, or unusable garden equipment. For an additional fee, we remove and recycle all debris on your property, so you can rest easy knowing the space won’t retain lead or used nails on the property. 

Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting
Arborist using a chainsaw for ongoing stump removal


With state of the art safety equipment, backhoe service, and commercial grade chainsaws, we approach your lot clearing needs offering a bouquet of services to handle whatever job you need completed. Our Mobile, AL neighbors connect with MOB Tree Service to clear vegetation, level the land for building projects, and more.


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