Tree Trimming Mobile AL

A well maintained yard is the pride of any Alabama homeowner. While trees beautify outdoor spaces and provide shade in the heat of the summer, these same trees need periodic maintenance in order to look their best and stay strong for years to come. 


That’s where a trusted tree trimming company comes into play. Strategic branch cutting on a periodic basis can extend the life of your tree and help protect against storm damage. In addition, your Mobile, AL tree may require pruning if a heavy branch threatens to fall, which could harm pets, neighbors, or structures on your property.  

Ongoing tree trimming in a residential area
Ongoing tree trimming in a residential area in Mobile AL
Ongoing tree removal for emergency services
Arborist working on a tree pruning

The Tree Pruning Mobile Yards Need

Tree pruning is necessary every 3 to 7 years, depending on the tree varieties growing on your property. Branch cutting should occur more frequently when your tree needs to fit within a particular space, rather than in a wooded area at the border of your property. 

The particular tree trimming needed will depend on the unique circumstances of your home or business property. For example, if your tree overhangs your driveway or parking structure, you may require crown raising. Or if a few of your branches have acquired a destructive fungi, we can perform sanitation pruning. Crown thinning may be most appropriate to allow some sunlight through the branches onto the ground below, while crown cleaning prunes out poorly attached and overcrowded branches. 

Our expert tree removal service will come to your yard and assess the space to determine what the best course of action is for your particular needs. From crown raising to crown restoration, we bring years of experience to each job to help maximize your tree’s potential. 

Not only that, but we meet American National Standards Institute best practices for pruning, so you can be assured we follow both local and national guidelines for tree removal. These standards prohibit arborists from wearing climbing spikes, so you can rest easy that your tree is in our careful and capable hands.


Contact MOB Tree Service to obtain an estimate and get your tree situated for when the next storm comes.  

Expert Arborists at Affordable Prices

It’s extremely important that amateurs do not attempt branch cutting. Tree service is not a DIY job because without proper equipment and training, incorrectly cut tree branches can lead to premature decline. Not only that, but without Mobile, Alabama’s premier tree service specialists, residents may become injured when attempting tree service themselves. If you’re not aware of arborist best practices, please leave the job to the professionals. 

MOB Tree Service is the best investment you can make in the life span of your tree, and our market based pricing model ensures our services fit into your budget and are appropriate for the work being performed. 

Arborist cutting tree branches in Mobile Alabama
Arborist working on a tree pruning
Ongoing tree trimming in a residential area

A Tree Trimming Service that puts Customers First

We believe that providing quality tree service means clear communication with our clients all along the way– from the initial assessment, to working the job, and to cleanup. After all, we want to become your tree service company, and that means satisfying our customers. 


Please reach out today to discuss your tree service needs. We would be honored to work together to trim your trees to make them safer and more beautiful. . 


Call us today and we’ll discuss your job and get started as soon as possible.  

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